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 "He's Perfect!" - Krista

Hi Debbie!!!

We are so in love!! He hasn't had one accident, even goes to the door and scratches when he needs to go! Very playful and has had good nights. He's perfect! His name is Charlie.

Thank you SO much!
- Krista

Hi Debbie,

Everything he does is so cute! We've never gotten so attached to a dog before and he turned out to be the cutest thing ever with the best personality. I feel like he really is my brother now. Coming home to his wagging tale and his kisses all over me is the best thing ever. I have to tell you though that we're so satisfied and pleased with Romeo that we're actually looking to buy another dog! Thank you so much for Romeo!

Alex - Mission Viejo, Ca.

Hi Debbie,

We named our little one Darcy and she is now an integral part of our family. Everyone loves and adores her and she thinks life in general is "all about her". She's spoiled rotten, loved and cherished and she knows it! Our cocker spaniel, loves her too. Our vet said sometimes adding a puppy to a family makes the older dog feel younger and that is certainly what has happened with our Abby. Her medical problems with aging are still present, but she has taken over a role as big sister to Miss Darcy and they are the bery best of friends and companions. She was easy to house break...the easiest yet for us. She has access to her dog run downstairs, off our deck, and uses the doggie door to go there when needed and she has become very spoiled swinging in the sunshine on our porch swing anytime she wants to be outside. We love her to pieces and all six of our granchildren can't wait to see her when they stop by. She's great with them and so very affectionate to everyone. She's a member of our family and it took about 15 minutes to bond with her!

Janet Parker - Flagstaff

We are first time Cavalier owners and these dogs are truly the best! Cody has brought so much joy to our family. He is great around our small children and other pets. He is extremely intelligent with minimal maintainence, and he is full of love! Thanks Debbie, our family is complete!

Colleen - Corona, CA



Here are some photos of Mattie. Some of them are with our english mastiff, Daisy, whom Mattie considers to be her mom. She’s also pictured with our miniature eskimo husky, Snowball, and our son’s siberian husky.

Mattie is now almost 9 months old and she is an absolutely wonderful dog. She is friendly to other dogs and people of all ages. She is affectionate, playful, and really funny. She’s never had any health problems. She was spade and recovered from that without even having to wear a cone thing. She was easy to house train. Our vet had recommended this breed of dog as a family pet and getting Mattie was one of the best buys we’ve ever made. I wish we could have more cavaliers but our three dogs are enough at this time.

When it is time in the future to get another dog, we will definitely be calling Andresen's Cavaliers. We had picked out Mattie just after her birth. Debbie kept us up-dated by e-mailing us photos of her . We live in Paulden and when it was time to get Mattie, Debbie met us halfway to deliver her. Mattie had already had her first shots and had been checked out and cleared by a vet. We were provided with the name of the vet and all the paperwork and even some food for Mattie to start her out . We were also assured that Andresen's Cavaliers made sure there was no inbreeding among the dogs. We liked the service we received from Andresen's Cavaliers and couldn’t be happier with Mattie.

Gil  and Lisa


Ari did great on her big adventure! She whimpered for all of 2 minutes when we got in the car the first time and was absolutely fantastic after that! She did great getting used to her new harness and leash.

Her flight was equally as great. She slept the whole way and occasionally stuck her head out of her carrier just to 'say hi' and go right back to sleep! She met her brother and sister and now all are starting to get acquainted.

Thanks again for taking care of her until we could get back to AZ. She has definitely enhanced our lives and will continue to add laughs and love to the family!!

Take Care,
Pamela - South Carolina

 Debbie we just love Chase, from the time we drove home he just climbed into my lap and has hardly left. It has been only a couple of days and he is about 80% potty trained and then he goes on a potty pad. He is such a delight. Can't wait till he grows up. Here are some pics of him playing with his ball, him taking over my lap, he thinks he's hiding, and fighting with the rug. Who knows he may just need a little Playmate.

Steve & Sue Saitman
Mira Loma, CA.

We have had several different breeds of dogs for the past 42 years. Our Cavalier King Charles is perhaps the most loving dog we have ever owned. In the beginning we didn't know much about the breed. He gets along with ever one he comes into contact with, kids, dogs, other animals. He wants to play and be loved. No barking and low key. He always wants to be at your side and will follow you from room to room. Where ever we go people always comment on how pretty, soft and friendly. They always want to know the breed. We are proud to tell them we purchased our Cavie through Debbie. She is always available and helpful.

You can't go wrong with a Cavalier.

Scott and BJ Saunders