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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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 An amazing, 15lb, Blenheim (Color), AKC, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

He is proven, produces beautiful puppies, is in perfect health, and is a very reliable sire (he has not failed yet). If your female is ready, he will perform. His personality is playful, yet relaxed, just as a cavalier should be.

He is a quality sire, who has produced equally impressive, show quality pups. Health tested and OFA.


Andresen’s Arizona Sunshine

Beautiful tri color who has beautiful litters.  She is 15lbs.  She is a very sweet and very quiet.  She loves being a mommy.

 Dam: Nala


Andresen's Nalani

A gorgeous Ruby that is 15lbs.  She is a very quiet sweet girl and produces beautiful rubies.  



  Dam: Malibu


Andresen’s Malibu is our future dam.  Black and Tan.

She is 13lbs. She is healthy and she loves play.

Dam: Cali


Andresen’s California Dreamer

18lb tri color female who produces beautiful tri color pups.  She is healthy and very sweet.  She loves attention and loves being a mommy.

Dam: Marley

Andresen’s Dog Marley

She is a beautiful 18lb Blenheim female who produces gorgeous Blenheim puppies.  She will retire in 2020.